Tips for a successful coaching experience

Thank you! I'm looking forward to our work together.

As your coach, I will turn up ready to serve you and follow your agenda as you set it. Coaching is different for every single person, but there are a few things that work for a lot of people.

1. Bring your curiosity and patience to the work we do. 

2. When you are doing 'homework' (self reflective work) do it in a space that is productive for you, without mobile phones or multi tasking. 

3. Journaling can deepen the experience. You can use the online journal, your own journal, or both. 

4. Your body has wisdom. Start to notice your body by paying attention to it. A churning stomach, clenched fists, tight jaw, tension in your shoulders. It may feel abstract, but I promise it makes a difference to tune in and listen to your body.

5. Mindfulness and presence are hot topics. What do they mean to you?

6. From the very beginning, sharing feedback with me about the coaching experience helps create a valuable experience for you. 

See you soon!